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Bed source:
bed-0.2.27.src.tgz (sunsite)      (620K)  ( LSM ) SIGN
bed-0.2.27.src.tgz      (620K)  ( LSM ) SIGN

Linux x86-32 binary:
See Terminal emulation requirements
bed-0.2.27.Linux32.tgz (sunsite)     (424K) SIGN

bed-0.2.27.Linux32.tgz     (424K) SIGN
bed-0.2.27-1.i686.rpm     (392K) SIGN

Linux x86-64 binary:
See Terminal emulation requirements
bed_0.2.27_amd64.deb (sunsite)     (408K) SIGN

If dpkg -i doesn't work, use following to unpack bed_0.2.27_amd64.deb:

ar x bed_0.2.27_amd64.deb 
tar -zxf control.tar.gz 
sh preinst
tar -zxf data.tar.gz -C /
sh postinst

bash /usr/share/bed/ 
will uninstall bed

OpenSolaris x86-32 binary:
bed-0.2.27.SunOS.tar.gz     (452K) SIGN

FreeBSD x86-64 binary:
bed-0.2.27.FreeBSD64.tbz     (384K) SIGN

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 x86-32 cygwin binary (pdcurses):     (1.3M) SIGN
The unzip the zip file in c:\ (with create subdirectories enabled). bed.exe and cygwin1.dll end up in c:\windows other files in c:\Program Files\bed. If you like to use x:\Program Files\bed instead (with x another drive number), you should load a copy of bed.exe in bed.exe and change every occurrence of c/Program Files to x/Program Files and every occurrence of c:\Program Files to x:\Program Files (using replace: Alt-e,e).
cygwin1.dll is now included in the zip file (source cygwin-1.7.5-1-src.tar.bz2). One and only one exemplar of cygwin1.dll should be in a directory included in PATH. Using multiple copies gives problems. Using a cygwin1.dll version very different from 1.7.5-1 is also likely to give problems. Cygwin doesn't seems to have any solutions for this, but I just didn't know any other POSIX library for win32 I could use. If you want to run the MS Windows version of bed within xterm or rxvt, download also the following package and put bedn.exe in c:\Program Files\bed     (252K) SIGN
You can also rename bedn.exe to bed.exe and put it in c:\windows, so that you can't use the pdcurses version anymore. You still need for other installation files.
WARNING: As in all cases where other cygwin programs are installed, when you use the ncurses version it is absolutely nessessary to remove cygwin1.dll out of c:\windows and to rely entirely on /bin/cygwin1.dll
Be carefull never to start bed in a directory where another cygwin1.dll is lying around.
Except for the need to download ncurses from cygwin and have a base cygwin installation, I didn't notice the shortcomings of the previous ncurses versions when running bed in

Windows 95/98/ME cygwin binary (pdcurses):     (1.1M) SIGN
This version is compiled with cygwin-1.5.25-15 and doesn't search in the background during editing.

To compile bed for win32 you need:

Old versions: tripod and dse

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